10-1 | Biking Greenville – Routes and Clubs

Biking is the transportation mode of choice for many Greenvillians. Because of this, the City of Greenville has created “Bikeville,” a bicycle friendly community initiative aimed to increase ridership, encourage bicycle use, expand bicycling facilities, and provide useful resources to cyclists and motorists sharing the road.

Part of the Bikeville initiate includes adding B-cycle stations – a bike share partnership – to new eight locations. The program provides residents and visitors an active way to get around town and visit local attractions. Additionally, the plan calls for more bike parking and free bike storage on Greenlink buses.

You can find information on all of Greenville’s Bikeville goals, local biking clubs, and routes on the City’s website. With our close proximity to Downtown Greenville, parks and bike paths, we hope to see our residents at Main and Stone making the most of this low-impact mode of transportation!

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