10-1 | Moving to Main and Stone

We’re ready to make you our newest Main and Stone community member. With our amazing amenities and unique floorplans, you’re sure to find the right space for you.

Many people avoid moving because of the hassles associated with it, but Buzzfeed provides some hacks to make the move smooth. Tips include fast ways to pack your closet, organize, and how to transfer electronics without losing the cords that go with them.

If you can’t enlist friends and family to help you move, or if you’re new to Greenville, hiring a moving company may be your best bet. Click here for a list of companies that can get your items to your new how safely.

Give us a call today at 864.326.4614 or email us at info@mainandstone.com for more information. We’re here to assist you with every step of your move!

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